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Trouble shooting problems

Does your pet have problems with the following?

Bottom shuffling/leakage
Smelly/swollen/itchy ears
Itchy and/or sore skin
Hair loss with no apparent soreness
Feet chewing/bottom chewing
Upset tummy/vomiting unexplained
Dog breath & strong dog smell
Bad teeth
Staining around the eyes and sanitary areas
Eating their own faeces or other animals’
Eating soil/plants
Unmanageable Excitability
Fussy eating Aggression
Begging or stealing food
Bin rummaging

It may be likely that your pet is suffering with commercial pet food intolerance and food allergy. Despite pet foods showing on the label as gluten or wheat free or lite, dogs do not eat cereal nor cooked meat. All kibble is made with cereal based ingredients and dogs do not eat cereal ~ have you ever seen a dog grazing in the field or using a pan!

Furthermore, the meat used is cooked to very high temperatures and kills off any bacteria but most importantly than that changes the vital vitamins & minerals fundamental to the dog (and cat!).

Although we have domesticated our pets their digestive system has not and has stayed the same since they evolved. Dogs CAN eat RAW bones and meat/fish with no adverse effect as when raw the bones are malleable and flexible and the dogs’ gut is very corrosive to break these down.

Why does the raw feeding work?
As mentioned before it is what nature intended but most importantly it boosts the immunity system up to 80% to fight infections and causes of most common doggie complaints.

 Below is a table to show some of the problems, reasons and solutions.

Bottom shuffling/leakage If wormed maximum twice a year then the dog may be trying to empty its anal glands.
These get impacted due to poor diet such as treats, commercial pet food & scraps
Upset tummy/vomiting Usually changing from one commercial pet food to another
Fussy/faddy eating Bored, bored bored! Would you eat the same thing EVERY day? Also are you leaving
The food down, not only will this exacerbate the problem but will weight gain.
MSmelly swollen dirty ears Food allergy unless diagnosed as mange or ear mites by the vet
Itchy sore or weeping skin
Feet & bottom chewing
Unless diagnosed by the vet as mange or flea infestation is it most likely to be food
Faeces eating This is not a bad habit; your pet is hungry! Commercial pet food goes through the system
Quickly and is still palatable the other end!
Tear staining and other areas
Of the body
Some dogs such as cavaliers, pugs, llasas, shih~tzu suffer with over active tear ducts because of the prominent eye globe.  However, the staining is because of the commercial pet foods offered.
By 6 months (approx) on a raw diet the stained hair will grow out. (Depending on whether the
Dog is clipped, longer if kept natural)
Over excitability/aggression Almost always pet food; in one of the main pet foods there is over 14 banned additives for
Human consumption. This is like giving a child 12 E numbers per day!


Depending upon the age , size and work your pet does
The following is a guide. Please note that from the
Smallest breed such as a Chihuahua will cost 80p a week
The largest breed £3 approx.

MENU Suggestions

Any raw meat and fish with bones; complete with head! (mainly chicken)
Any raw vegetables & skin
Any fruit & skin
1 x fish oil capsule
1 dollop of natural yoghurt
1 tsp parsley & kelp
Half clove of garlic

Little of: Red meat, heart, liver (tho’ good for itchy skin but can make the dog ‘loose’!)

No to:

It’s also worth noting that dogs’ only eat what they need, not what they want, if they don’t like apple but eat carrot, fine, they probably don’t need what is in the apple.

Why not make up batches and freeze. It may look like a faff but this will be dependant upon how desperate you are to reduce/eliminate problems you have and to keep vet bills down.

Please feel free to email me for advice. I am not a trained vet nor nutritionist but I have vast experience in this field; if you are concerned for your pets’ health & wellbeing you should seek a vets’ diagnosis first. They may offer steroids and a shampoo called Malaseb but you must work inside out the dog

Useful links:

Give a dog a bone ~ Ian Billinghurst
Real food for dogs and cats ~ Clare Middlehurst
Google the BARF Diet (Bones And Raw Feeding)

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